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Eagle in the Tidelands

Tidelands Estates North Point Park has been upgraded for 2014. If you have not had a chance to go to the point and take a look, you need to go now! Great weather and the Dolphins are in full show from the pier. I want to thank Jay Martindell and the ARC committee for their work with the contractors making upgrades to our park and the results are fabulous. I also want to thank Joe Golan for the lights on the pier, they are beautiful. Our nations flag is proudly flying over our park with lighting so it can remain in place 24-hours a day. Enjoy your park! 

Photographs taken by Aaron & Mary Wildstein

Tidelands Estates North Point Park - May 2014

Tidelands from the Air


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Letter received from Catherine Steck McManus Chief Development Officer Camp Boggy Creek For the donation received from our HOA members who attended our Holiday Party. Click Here to read the letter:
Tidelands Estates - HOA is a beautiful Intracoastal community of single family homes located within “Tidelands on the Intracoastal” originally a Centex Destination Property now Pulte Homes development located in Palm Coast, Florida. Tidelands a lush community surrounded by water on three sides where only about 40% of the nearly 80 acre community is being developed. The balance of the community showcases open lawns, oak trees, walking pathways, a park with a fishing pier on the Intracoastal waterway, 11 acres of lakes, canals, and the Intracoastal Waterway, all creating a beautiful active lifestyle community. The Board of Directors for the HOA welcome you to our community web site. Review any of the pages that are not secured for home owners only, and stop by and take a look at our wonderful community.

Tidelands Estates North Point Park Flag Dedication - June 2014

On what appeared to be a rainy Florida day the weather finally broke around half an hour before the scheduled plans to dedicate our new flag and pole at the North Point. The date was June 14th and it stormed all afternoon. When the weather broke we decided to go down anyway, and we had a couple dozen people show up with some great food and wine. Everyone had a really good time. Was great to dedicate the new flag and have the opportunity to thank Jay Martindell (who was not in town) for his presistance in pushing for the flag and Joe Golan for working with Affordable to get it installed, cleaned, and lighted.

New Construction in the Tidelands